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28 Aug 2014
Building for Developers

Increasing the Awesome in Your Open Source or API Platform

Every day we use developer tools and might even create a few. API companies are one of the “exciting new things” in The Valley and libraries are being built and open sourced like crazy. However, creating a developer tool can be hard. It requires a lot of thought be put into API design, documentation, and more. After building one you must put a great deal of time into maintaining it, making architectural decisions, and managing its community.

This talk explores some best practices in creating and maintaining developer tools, discovered through the creation and maintenance of open source libraries and put into action at major API companies. It will discuss common pitfalls in developer tools and uncover methods to sustainably develop libraries and APIs.

This talk was originally given at the devLink in Chattanooga, TN.


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Nick Quinlan

Nick Quinlan is a Developer Evangelist for SendGrid where he works to makes developers lives easier.

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